How it Works

Buy items you love or must buy while saving money and the planet. Get the opportunity to earn real money on purchases when Sellers share EZcodes! New arrivals every minute.

Share EZcodes you earn with EZcheeze friends! Every time your EZcode is redeemed and used on a completed purchase* by an EZcheeze user, you will earn cheeze!**

* A completed purchase is a purchase whereby the buyer has paid for the product or service and a refund has not been issued. Participation in EZcheeze’s EZcodes and cheeze is subject to EZcheeze’s Terms of Use. EZcodes are limited to EZcheeze’s users. Users are responsible for all income taxes associated with money they earn. EZcheeze may modify or cancel this promotion at any time. Restrictions apply, see Terms of Use for details.

** Your cheeze can be transferred to your bank account subject to minimum payout amount of $1. If your available wallet balance is less than the minimum payout amount it remains in your EZcheeze account until your balance increases, see Terms of Use for payout fees. There are no monthly fees to use the app with the exception of your bank fees and Stripe payout fees, if any.